202128 Jul

Ignite UI for Angular 12.1.0 Release | Infragistics Blog


In the past two months we have focused our efforts in developing new Angular components, addressing feature requests and enhancements logged in our GitHub repository by you. We believe that a proper document structure makes a huge impact on the customer experience, and it can also help unblock users quickly and encourage them to use the product more effectively. These are the two main points that we covered with one of the latest documentation releases for Ignite UI: • Fast & Precise access to relevant information - a new global search that makes everything less than a second away. The Angular Accordion is a GUI component for building vertical expandable panels with clickable headers and associated content sections, displayed in a single container. Ignite UI for Angular Change Log for 12.1.0 Here is the complete • • A collection of vertically collapsible igx-expansion-panels that provide users with data and the ability to navigate through it in a compact manner.

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