202101 Aug

The significant role of co-regulation in the early years


It is a process that grows out of attuned relationships where the caregiver and baby or child are closely attentive to each other and engage in sensitive, responsive exchanges.” – Birth to 5 Matters 2021 I love this. Unregulated, they struggle to cope with the daily challenges of life, unable to navigate the feelings or behaviours that are so intrinsically linked. Co-regulation is vital for young children because it provides the crucial support that helps them to understand powerful or unpleasant feelings and return to a place of calm. As early years practitioners, we must pay the closest of attention to children’s emotional cues, understanding their body language, and responding swiftly, consistently, and sensitively to these. Through the teacher observing, waiting, modelling and coaching, Jack learns that his frustrations will be supported and that there are ways of achieving what he wants to do, even when there are difficulties involved.

Source: Parenta