202101 Aug

Insider threats: Not as uncommon as you think


Insider threats: Not as uncommon as you think When we speak of cybercrime and data theft, we typically think of seasoned cybercriminals. And, remember, your business won’t be running as usual during this time, resulting in a direct revenue loss as well. Adopt a trust, but verify, approach and take the necessary steps in line with that attitude. Sharing OTPs, passwords, use of unsecured Wifi networks, leaving devices unsecured, visiting suspicious sites, clicking on phishing links, opening dubious attachments, etc., are all examples of your employees accidentally opening the doors for a cybercriminal. • Invest in cybersecurity systems such as firewalls, network monitoring tools that identify and alert you on abnormal IT activities, powerful anti-malware programs, role/permission based access management mechanisms.

Source: Tritoncomputercorp