202130 Jul

Becoming a Sales Tech Sponge: Transitioning to My Dream Job


I desperately searched for reputable organizations that didn’t require past experience beyond the bartending and waitressing I’d done since freshman year of college. Cue 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, and I was walking on eggshells hoping the restaurant I worked at wouldn’t close down and leave me jobless. I swear I am not being coerced into publishing this praise when I say that becoming a Business Development Representative (BDR) at Caktus Group changed my life for the better. I spoke daily with the development team who gave me overviews of past projects, clarified terminology, or more specifically, provided a crash course on Kubernetes (shoutout to Jeremy Gibson!). I’ll post an additional blog soon about how the guidance and support I received as a BDR led me to awesome new opportunities within the organization.

Source: Caktusgroup