202130 Jul

What Is Network Latency? Typical Causes & Ways to Reduce It


High latency will make browsing categories and products very difficult and in a space as competitive as online retailing, the few extra seconds can amount to a fortune in lost sales. There are thousands of little variables that make up your network latency but they mainly fall under one of these 4 categories: • Transmission mediums – Your data travel across large distances in different forms, either through electrical signals over copper cabling, light waves over fiber optics. The advanced dashboard dedicated to Page Loads, allows you to see all the details on what causes latency and provides a breakdown by each category, from DNS and server processing time to how long does the render takes. You need to spend time to understand what each metric represents in order to keep a close eye on the ones that are relevant to your users and could have affected network latency The second these alerts fail, you’ll be notified through your preferred notification channel. But if you’re interested in providing the best possible experience to your users, you should keep an eye on more than network latency, so check out this article where we explain what are the most important UX metrics you should monitor to improve website performance.

Source: Sematext