202130 Jul

SWIR Goldeye camera with Sony SenSWIR sensors


Both camera models are available with GigE Vision interface and integrated single-stage thermo electric sensor cooling (TEC1). The new sensors are based on Sonys new SenSWIR technology, which, due to the innovative InGaAs sensor architecture, creates a quantum leap in pixel size and image homogeneity while enabling image acquisition in the visible and short-wave infrared ranges (400 to 1,700nm) with high quantum efficiency. This will considerably expand the application possibilities of Goldeye SWIR cameras regarding the spectral analysis of objects and increase the precision of details detected, all enabled by a small pixel size of only 5µm. Both new camera models feature a robust, compact, and fanless design optimised for industrial applications. In addition, comprehensive I/O and GenICam standard compliant feature control options considerably simplify their system integration.

Source: Electronicspecifier