202130 Jul

paint.net 4.3 alpha (build 7881)


There were two properties of type ContextMenu that had to be removed (they weren’t being used), and some reflection against some fields in VisualStyleRenderer that were renamed. • Fixed: EdHarvey’s Effects now work as-is without the need to install an updated version (which is not yet available) The complete list of changes so far for 4.3, as compared to 4.2.16: • New: The app has been migrated to .NET 5, and performance has been greatly improved as a result. • New: ARM64 is now natively supported • Installation is much faster now due to no longer needing the "Optimizing performance for your system" stage (NGEN has been replaced with ReadyToRun via crossgen). • Improved: Performance should be significantly better on systems without HyperThreading (by reserving 1 core for the UI), and also a bit better on systems with it (by utilizing more of the logical cores) • Improved: Effect and File Type plugins can now be organized into folders — the plugin loader will recursively search for DLLs up to 1 folder deep • Fixed a bug in Polar Inversion that was causing hangs • Improved performance of Polar Inversion by 3x, due to the aforementioned bug fix (and a little bit is due to .NET 5) • Fixed: There were some issues with zooming in/out using the keyboard, where the anchoring (centering) point was not calculated correctly, causing the canvas to drift in the wrong direction. • Fixed a bug when saving with "Auto Detect" bit-depth that was causing fidelity loss on some images that already had 256 colors or less.

Source: Getpaint