202129 Jul

Your 2021 Guide to UI Kits: Pros & Cons | Infragistics Blog


From a business perspective, building a strong and intuitive UI and delivering more than just a satisfying user experience on your website or mobile app leads to a reduced bounce rate, engaged page visitors, increased sales, and happier clients. This truly accelerates digital transformation projects, teams are granted real-time visual collaboration, simple and yet creative screen design approach, faster code generation, prototyping, and user testing all in one environment. In the fast-paced tech world where product teams speak in different terms and usually work with different pace, tools, and techniques, UI kits feel like the first sip of coffee on a Monday morning which somehow promises to reduce the stress in doing heavy tasks. In a sense, then, UI design and development accelerators answer the need for a “multiplayer” where teams meet to work together, give feedback, monitor changes and progress, and build products. If necessary, they can add customization in order to match the grand idea, to achieve the desired style of a particular design, to move the project to a development stage, and, lastly, to respond to clients’ needs.

Source: Infragistics