202123 Jul

Understanding Operational Design Domain to create Informed Safety in Autonomous Vehicles Deployment (1/2)


The first step towards a state of informed safety is establishing the capability of an automated driving system (ADS) by defining its operational design domain (ODD). “ODD is an operating condition under which a given driving automation system or feature thereof is specifically designed to function, including, but not limited to, environmental, geographical, and time of day restrictions, and/or the requisite presence or absence of certain traffic or roadway characteristics.” SAE J3016 The operational design domain (ODD) can be used to restrict where the automated driving system (ADS) is valid and thus confine the scope of the safety case, as well as the verification. In order to ensure this, use cases are needed to provide a strategy for a collection of operating conditions (OCs) and make sure that it is still within the scope of the ODD. Currently this is a manual process for an engineer to analyse the ODD and use their knowledge of the vehicle use case and intended operation to define a set of scenarios such as an overtake manoeuvre or right turn at a junction. The process and adaptive test manager have been implemented as a proof-of-concept within our autonomous vehicle simulator and further exploration of our framework and findings will be disseminated in future blog posts.

Source: Claytex