202121 Jul

Create Business Heroes: How to Defeat the Villain of Unstructured Data


Coordinating all of the different collection points for information to be transferred and exposed across an organization simply isn’t being done today. to the Rescue A core tenet of ERM is that “service begins at request,” which is to say: a problem can’t be solved until it’s identified, an issue can’t be resolved until it is reported, a question can’t be answered until it is asked. Within all of that unstructured data inside your organization today—all those emails, IMs, text messages, social media mentions, phone calls—are myriad requests for things, answers, and services. It enables any employee, partner, vendor, or customer to have a single point of interaction, where information can be pulled from or pushed to those systems of record as needed. Our next two posts will delve deeper into the benefits of having a single pane of glass over your systems of record, and how ERM helps create a better digital experience.

Source: Kineticdata