202121 Jul

Top 5 Inventory Fulfillment Challenges - And How to Solve Them


Whether your business handles hard or soft goods, food and beverage products, or other items with complex serialization and lot tracking, inventory fulfillment remains one of the biggest pain points for distributors. Recalls can happen any time – we all know about contaminated lettuce and tainted meat – and when one occurs, distributors need instant traceability to locate and track their products in the supply chain. This is daunting for distributors used to doing business offline, especially since an eCommerce platform doesn’t guarantee ease of use – tracking orders from placement through delivery can still be difficult and time-consuming. Start by identifying your business’s biggest pain point and finding technology that can simplify, streamline, automate, or integrate your processes to relieve it. To learn more about it and how it can overcome common inventory fulfillment challenges, visit the resource page below for blogs, customer success videos, on-demand webinars and demos, eBooks, and more.

Source: Google