202121 Jul

Clean Data Pt 2 – Air your dirty laundry, don’t wait for ‘clean data’


In part one of this series, we explored how using a corporate performance management (CPM) solution can help clean your data. There are many tactics to help you realise this goal (which we go into in the next blog in this series), but it could take several months, if not years, for your data to be considered ‘clean’. According to research completed by the University of Texas, increasing data usability by 10% would boost annual revenue for Fortune 1000 companies by more than $2 billion. Publishing and sharing your data, even before it is 100% clean, helps educate employees as to the importance of accurate information and increases ownership of the numbers. The use of reports, visualisations, and dashboards in sharing information help with quick distribution of data, so that the wider business can easily identify and investigate inconsistencies or anomalies.

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