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Dividends Are the Investors (Best?) Friend | Income Solutions


He details the importance of investors focusing on dividends rather than volatility of stock price fluctuations. A dividend is a cash distribution by a company to its shareholders and is pivotal to the long-term returns generated by the stock market. Further reflected in the above figures is the relative stability of corporate dividend payouts that over this 90 year time span have been impacted by only three significant drops: 1. A 21% decline during the global financial crisis of 2008-2009 And while the 500 Index fell from $28.39 in 2008 to $22.41 in 2009, it reached a new high of $45.70 in 2016, 60% above the earlier peak of 2008! (2) When providing advice to both new and existing clients over the last 34 years, the above figures continue to inform and reinforce the Income Solutions proven investment philosophy.

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