202121 Jul

The Adventures and Resolve of Music Creation


In deciding the musical direction of this title, I first researched the Meiji era itself to get a sense of the background that would serve as the setting of the story. After clearing that benchmark, I would then focus on ensuring that the pieces would perfectly portray the key aspects of each moment or situation they are used in. Gameplay segments such as trials or a Dance of Deduction require that the background music prioritises the overall mood of the piece. This time, I’ve composed a few new pieces for ‘Chronicles’, including an arrangement of ‘Partners – The game is afoot!’, which is only available through the Early Purchase Bonus DLC. Featuring Mr Akihisa Tsuboy on the violin and Ms Yuka Fujino on the accordion (both of whom also perform the The Great Ace Attorney pieces at every Ace Attorney Orchestra Concert), the hot fire of their passionate playing really brought the whole exciting arrangement together.

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