202121 Jul

Little Backstage Tales


But without extra time, money, or staff, the range of things I could suggest was severely limited and anything we’d want to do would be difficult to implement under such circumstances. So, to compensate, the original dev team placed a yellow filter over their illustrations and textures to create the actual colour they intended onscreen. Both ‘Baker Street Ball – Waltz for Chronicles’ and ‘Partners (Arrangement)’ are fantastic pieces, so if you’d like to hear them on loop forever and ever as well, I hope you’ll consider pre-ordering or purchasing this game as soon as possible! I honestly couldn’t believe he’d come to us at such a late stage with such a request, but the dev side seemed capable of handling it, and Mr. Nuri and the sound team were also able to provide us with the assets and commentary we required, so we started down the road to implementing this bonus DLC. Sadly, the cost of adapting the models to work for the entire first game was so prohibitively high that no amount of tears could make it happen… We even considered making new costumes or letting people play as Inspector Sholmes or Ryutaro, but, as with the other costumes, these ideas fell by the wayside due to a lack of time and money… You can see the names of all the people involved in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles here in the credits.

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