202116 Jul

In-house vs outsourcing of TEM


Once the need is identified and front and center, it’s usually abundantly clear that there is much less visibility and centralized control into the network of services in use. Communications network expenses are almost certainly higher than expected and there is usually a myriad of complex and thorny issues that are keeping the internal team from obtaining the desired level of operational control and cost containment they are seeking. A majority of IT and Financial operations leaders realize that the help they really need to wrest quick control of their network and to scale effectively will be highly specialized. For most enterprise organizations, the ideal answer will reside in keeping a core internal team while simultaneously leveraging the technology platform and subject-matter-expertise of a TEM firm. Let’s review some of the important ways that a TEM firm such as Tellennium can be leveraged to help pare down operational network costs for your enterprise while leveling-up the overall sophistication and technology used for the expense management program:

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