202114 Jul

How to Test Marketing Automation Software


As marketing automation tools are used for business and directly affect companies’ profit and productivity, they should work fast, efficiently, and with no interruptions no matter how many users access them. Marketing automation software contains and has access to the users’ corporate data, so security is very important for this type of solutions. When performing functional testing of a marketing automation tool, make sure to check: • None If the emails display correctly and if all the required elements are present in them • None Whether the emails sent through a marketing automation tool end up in the Inbox folder and not in Spam or Junk • None If all the elements of the landing page (such as CTAs, images, videos, headlines, etc.) are present and working correctly • None Whether the tracking code for checking lead activities is working as expected • None If contact forms function properly, can be filled and submitted, and correctly collect the information about leads entered in them • None Whether program requirements are validated in the marketing automation platform and lead to the expected results • None If all the workflows of the marketing campaigns are according to the requirements and deliver the required results • None Whether the logic and processes applied in the marketing campaign are working correctly • None If the segmentation of customers is working properly and generating the correct list of contacts • None Whether lead scoring is functioning properly and the correct score value is assigned to every lead Testing can help marketing automation platforms get to the new level and become absolutely indispensable for the customers’ businesses. We hope that this article helped you to identify all the main areas and aspects of the QA of marketing automation tools to make your testing effort well-rounded and efficient.

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