202129 Jun

Building Your Critical Thinking Skills for Better Customer Service


Yes, being a critical thinker takes time and patience, but it’s just about processing information systematically and deliberately to understand things and make better decisions in work and life. This one is about your ability to receive, perceive, and share information with others in different forms: verbally (face-to-face, by phone or call us now buttons, during online meetings), nonverbally (mimics and gestures), and in writing (emailing, business correspondence, messengers, live chats with customers, etc.). Here go the top 6 to consider: The difference between passive and active listening: While the former relates to the simple act of hearing without retaining a message, the latter is your ability to focus on a speaker, understanding and comprehending their information to respond thoughtfully. This technique helps your critical thinking skills a lot: Before making the final choice or deciding on the problem, jot down all its positive and negative sides. Train yourself to escape your usual way of thinking and consider alternative ideas or insights from other industries, social groups, and individuals who don’t share your beliefs.

Source: Nicereply