202115 Jun

Exx Ransomware


The threat is capable of affecting a wide range of file types, ensuring that it causes the maximum possible damage to the infected device. Furthermore, the pop-up window displays a countdown timer that according to the message shows the time that the decryption key will be saved on the server. After the timer reaches zero, the key will supposedly be deleted making the restoration of the locked files virtually impossible. Once this has been done, nobody will ever be able to restore your files… In order to decrypt files press button to open your personal page and follow the instruction. [File decryption button] in case of "File decryption button" malfunction use one of public gates: hxxp://iq3ahijcfeont3xx.sm4i8smr3f43.com or hxxps://iq3ahijcfeont3xx.tor2web.blutmagie.de Use you Bitcoin address to enter the site: 15Wgt4Fpgg6Mxai1BJ3yUJrznL9w79FJpm [Click to copy Bitcoin address to clipboard] if both button and reserve gates not opening, please follow these steps: You must install TOR browser www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en After installation,run the browser and ender address iq3ahijcfeont3xx.onion Follow the instructions on the web-site.

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