202115 Jun

6 intelligent workplace trends for 2021: Hip or Hype?


They also vertically integrate with other oft-needed tools like a corporate password manager, or a neat "badge" that automatically keps Word docs in sync between colleagues. Verdict: Hip With at-best spotty adoption rates, cloud storage has been in need of some innovation – partly to justify the ongoing cost to host content there. Jumping between applications is known to consume over one third of employees time (not to mention the frustration), so finding ways to cut down on clicks and tab hopping is top of mind for the industry. This makes creating a central card board for your intranet, or as a Teams app, a feasible solution to reducing wasted productivity. Using chatbots doesnt require separate apps which reduces complexity for the organization, and regardless of the use case users easily familiarize themselves with their UI – as its all just natural language powered by AI.

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