202115 Jun

Achieve Business Success with Cloud ERP and eCommerce


The good news is that cloud ERP and ecommerce work very well together to streamline business operations and increase customer satisfaction. According to IDC, organizations trying to meet growing expectations (and dodging those negative reviews) while simultaneously growing their business must “ensure that their customer-facing applications are deeply integrated with systems of record so that they are resilient, digitally enabled, and agile enough to tackle future commerce trends.” In other words, implementing a complete digital business platform that seamlessly connects their finance, purchasing, inventory, and inventory management information system (ERP) with their website and customer relationship/revenue-driving system (digital commerce platform) is necessary. “The connector is a native interface that integrates BigCommerce web stores with financials, inventory, operations, and reports running on Acumatica. Individual applications that make up digital business platforms leverage APIs for integration and shared intelligent service.” The conclusion the IDC analysts come to is that tightly integrated front-office and back-office applications are critical if B2B and B2C organizations want to succeed in the rapidly changing global and digital economy. IDC recommends that they select SaaS-based ERP and digital commerce platforms with native integrations, such as those provided by BigCommerce and Acumatica.” Download IDC’s free Whitepaper, Better Together: SaaS Digital Commerce Platforms and ERP Help Organizations Grow Past Legacy Limitations, to learn even more about how Acumatica and BigCommerce are taking ecommerce businesses to the next level and how to future-proof your ecommerce business.

Source: Asifocus Full Article