202115 Jun

Covid-19 Vaccination Tracking - Improve Workplace Safety Protocols


Studies by Public Health England (PHE) released at the end of April showed one dose of Pfizer or AstraZeneca reduces the likelihood of passing the virus to unvaccinated household contacts by 38% to 49%. Companies require health and safety procedures from the moment employees arrive at work to reduce the risk of an infected person entering and possibly spreading Covid. We know that the risks are different post-vaccine, and Covid-19 vaccination tracking allows companies to optimise their space and resources such that employees can return safely in a practical way. Zentron kiosks are powered by Visipoint sign-in software that allows you to customise the sign-in journey for your employees and add compliance checks such as: • Health screening questionnaires using simple gesture recognition (e.g. thumbs up or thumbs down) You can even use Zentron kiosks to create an internal track and trace system for your company. Add the Covid-19 vaccine tracking element using one of 2 system features, custom user types or compliance check builder.

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