202115 Jun

Support extended for Microsoft Azure RTOS across 32-bit MCU Families


Azure RTOS ThreadX offers advanced features, including picokernel architecture, preemption-threshold, event chaining, and a rich set of system services. “We have reached a critical milestone in our collaboration with Microsoft and are excited to be able to offer our customers access to this industry-leading RTOS platform across our 32-bit MCU lines,” said Roger Wendelken, Senior Vice President in the IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit at Renesas. “We’ve worked hard to ensure this integration enables a seamless developer experience with access to pre-integrated project templates and smart configurators. The easy-to-use Flexible Software Package (FSP), which includes a HAL driver, supports Renesas’ high performance RA Family MCUs based on 32-bit Arm Cortex-M processors. The FSP uses a GUI to simplify and dramatically accelerate the development process, while also making it easy for customers to transition from an original 8/16-bit MCU design.

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