202113 Jun

Why ChatPlus is important for your phpFox online community?


Therefore, ChatPlus was born to take the responsibility of bringing the communication of your phpFox online community to a higher level. As a result, instant messaging allows you to connect with people in real-time, without the delays that come with email conversation or the traditional communication channel. In addition to the fact that users can exchange documents quickly and conveniently with the attachment sharing feature, the benefit of ChatPlus is cutting off paper to protect the environment. It enables businesses to have meetings, prepare presentations, and submit and receive applications without having to go to other offices. You won’t have to worry about long email lines, missed texts, or version control issues, all of which may cause irritation, misunderstanding, and delays, because ChatPlus allows you to collaborate on documents in real-time Although a few will argue the benefits of video conferencing compared to e-mail, video conferences will carry audio calls to a higher level.

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