202111 Jun

A Letter To Our Clients, From Founder David Crary


Ted brings extensive experience leading software development teams and working with clients to grow their businesses. FieldCentral is cloud-based software, which simply means you can access your business data and operations via the internet from any device, any place, any time. FieldCentral gives you an “at a glance” dashboard for your operations, and is designed with the built-in tools to help you manage and grow your business from estimating through invoicing, all while providing up-to-date actionable insights to help you service, retain, and grow customers for years to come. FieldCentral is being built using the insight and experience we’ve gained over 19 years as your partners, while using the latest technology. I cannot think of a better person than Ted to lead HindSite into the future, and to continue the partnership with you that we value so highly.

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