202110 Jun

Balancing Functionality and Aesthetics in Your PRM Portal


If the portal design is consistent with your brand and evokes positive emotions in its users this will increase cohesion between your company and its partners. Based on our experience working with over a hundred successful channel programs, there are two areas where spending extra time thinking about the design of your PRM portal is beneficial: Aesthetics and design in your portal start with the overall look and feel your partners experience when they log in. Customize the shared components of your portal, such as navigation, header, logo, and color scheme to align them with your brand’s style guide and maximize impact. Your channel partners rarely spend more than a few seconds on the home page, so your content needs to quickly provide them with the information they need to market and sell your products or services. To recap, functionality and content should be the primary focus of your PRM portal, but the aesthetic features are important to build higher partner engagement as well as cohesion with your brand.

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