202110 Jun
The Dangers of NOT Having a Help Desk
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What the person usually means is, “how about we just handle emails or phone calls as they come in and avoid putting any sort of formal ticketing system in place?” Sure, you could do that. The customer who submitted the request might wait a very long time to get any sort of answer, if they get one at all – because you know, “someone else will take care of it.” In short, your priorities can end up backward. Speaking of timeframe, no help desk software means you probably don’t have automated messaging to set expectations with customers. Not having them is a fairly effective way to get away with putting your head in the sand… Tips for successful small help desks - download here Hey, bonus! If you happen to be that person in a workplace service role, the one who everyone comes to in-person to ask for help, having a formal system can put some kind of order and expectations around it!

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