202110 Jun
Nidec ASI to install ultra-fast charger for EVs
General News

Nidec ASI’s total commitment to this mission is also seen in the on-going evolutionary process within the Group itself, including renewing the company fleet, making it 100% electric, and installing two UFCs at its Milan and Montebello offices for its own use. In fact, it makes it possible to charge cars, buses and commercial vehicles without drawing electricity directly from the grid, thus avoiding power peaks and resulting blackouts. Vehicles may be charged in parallel or in series and its compact size means it can provide a widespread distribution network to meet the needs of electric car market players. We hope that the positive example set by ROA, which is one step ahead of many energy giants, will inspire other major companies in the sector here in Italy to help revolutionise mobility as we know it today." Amedeo and Roberto Onofrio, Shareholder-Owners of the ROA Group, added: "Ever since we started the service area renovation project, our idea was to revive the pleasure of traveling along what is historically a very important artery road that provides a rapid connection between central and northern Italy to Apulia, Basilicata and region of Molise and its capital, Campobasso.

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