202110 Jun
What are the 4 Ps of marketing?
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You may have a physical store or office, but you may also have a website or social media platform through which you also promote and sell your products or services. An inexpensive price point might send the message that your product is of low quality, but increasing it too much could put you out of consideration. The digital age has exponentially expanded the ways in which a product or service can be promoted, including social media, paid advertising, email marketing and video content. Almost 70 years after its inception, the four Ps of marketing are still relevant because they’re the most effective framework to determine how to get your product in front of people and move them through the buying cycle, from awareness and consideration to purchase phase. The four Ps concept is crucial to the marketing mix because it determines how customers will learn about your product, where they can purchase it, how much it will cost, and why it’s relevant to them.

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