202108 Jun
7 Important Customer Service Phrases to Use in 2021
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Word choice and language can have a big effect on how you make a customer feel when talking to your service reps, so you should consider them carefully. Certain phrases such as “it’s not our policy” or “I don’t see what the problem is” could be the difference between keeping a happy customer and one who stops doing business with you forever. This is a good question to use when a customer is complaining about your product or service, potentially in public such as a forum or on social media. “Can I ask the reason why?” shows you want to engage with the detractor and you’re willing to learn more about why they feel this way, especially if you proceed it with an empathy statement. Can I ask why?” You can’t stop the customer hating on your brand but you can demonstrate that your company cares enough to find out the reason behind the complaint.

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