202108 Jun
“Citizen Trump: A One Man Show - The Director’s Cut” Debuts on Amazon, Vimeo as Simon Schuster Releases Powerful New Trump Book Tuesday, June 15
General News

“Citizen Trump” gives never before seen insights into the man who became a hero to 75 million supporters and a hated upstart “big daddy” rival to the media establishment that never understood him. “Trump loved the Citizen Kane film, and although he did not fully understand it, his life had many parallels, and it made for a worthy investigation,” Orlando reveals. The same word-for-word reactions fans/foes showered on “Citizen Kane” in 1941 echo (verbatim) the mantras thrown at Trump today: “I hate him! It debuts today as Simon & Schuster releases the book version on June 15.The media has spent decades depicting Donald Trump as a political phenomenon/businessman. He’s a genius!” Then and now, the more the Establishment loathed Trump/Kane/Welles, the more the “forgotten Americans” who felt left behind loved him.“Boundaries, the framing of a story - both are a perfect metaphor for Trump, the Showman,” Orlando says.

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