202108 Jun
Lean Voice Mail
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You know, they could say something like, “To go to the main menu press pound” and then start telling me my voicemail. Then finally it gets to the voicemail and you get some part of a robo message: “…and press one if you would like to extend the warranty on your car.” “What I’d really like it to do is just come in, I call voicemail and I hear this robo message and then I can just delete it quickly because I don’t care when it came in, I don’t care what number it came from, I don’t care. If it was really somebody that I wanted to talk to, I would listen to the message and then it would say, “This call came in from this number,” and then it would tell me what time it came in, right? “So that’s my Improvement Insight for this week: What are you doing to make life difficult for your customer when they call you or something else you do where you tell them 37 options and they just want their tire fixed or whatever it is? I think all too often we provide things that people don’t want, and in the order they don’t want to hear them in, or receive them in, or get them in, and so our task is simply to maybe change out the order of that or get rid of the stuff that’s unnecessary.

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