202107 Jun
Looking Ahead: PHUSE US Connect 2021
General News

I hope those days return very soon but, until then, I intend to make the most of the current format - and rejoice at avoiding the tiredness in the feet and legs that usually accompanies big conferences. The conference runs for a week (Monday to Friday) with a rest day in the middle (Wednesday) which you can use to catch-up on work, or watch a bunch of the on-demand videos. I’ll be attending the Tuesday afternoon panel discussion entitled Transformation of the Statistical Programmer Role within Modern SCEs. I’ll also be tuning-in for the SCE Whitepaper session on Thursday afternoon, led by GSK and Janssen, as it centers on my own focus - delivering the ability to manage and analyse clinical data in an optimal fashion. d-wise has contributed a number of papers this year, all of which are founded on the knowledge and experience we gain from serving global pharma companies, large and small.

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