202107 Jun

How Professional Services Firms Can Strengthen Their Relationships with Their Clients Blog


Customer relationship management (CRM) tools can capture minute personal details about your clients and prospects so that you can tailor your messaging to fit their needs, interests, and aspirations. CRMs like Daylite really shine here, by helping you keep track of all your commitments and sending you reminders periodically, so that nothing slips through the cracks. An effective CRM software solution can help you store information related to your clients including past transactions, contact details, email exchanges, and more. You can also create Smart Lists of leads you haven’t followed up with in 14 days, or whichever time frame is relevant for your mass email. For instance, Daylite’s custom fields allow you to immediately jot down details that your clients reveal to you during calls or drop-ins, meaning that you can quickly refresh yourself on their favourite treats and potential allergies when putting together a gift basket.

Source: Marketcircle