202107 Jun
Bad Actors, Cyber Security, and Your Business
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The new lack of employment due to the pandemic has lead more people looking for ways to make money from their computer, which may include hacking and ransomware. These companies are the ones, or these groups are the ones, who generally you will see creating ransomware and holding people’s data hostage in order to extract some kind of ransom out of them. Dropping a USB drive in a parking lot, or somewhere outside of your business, or otherwise placing it such that an employee might bring it inside and just out of curiosity put it onto a computer in your network, is actually a valid attack factor that has been used in the past. But, changing those account passwords can really go a long way to helping make sure that whoever is acting against you is unable to find out data or take money from your business. Finally, after you’ve stopped the spread, unfortunately the only thing to do then is to restore the affected machines from your backed up data from your offsite backup service.

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