202117 May

Pair Programming During a Pandemic: Collaborating Virtually Improves Performance and Boosts Camaraderie


One year later, with working from home still in effect, our days punctuated by virtual meetings via Google Hangouts and chats via Slack, our co-founders decided it was time to connect in another way. In the following years, CEO Tobias McNulty and CTO Colin Copeland often worked together, serving as sounding boards for each other and almost always reviewing emails to clients before hitting the send button. Another helpful collaboration tool for pair programming that was recently released is Code with Me by JetBrains, which is built into PyCharms latest version. I enjoy learning from Tobias experience and exploring implementation ideas that I wouldnt have thought of otherwise.” Not only are they having more fun, but they’re also more productive, delivering more value to clients. Being forced to work remotely during the pandemic, along with advances in the technology for collaborative programming over the past decade, have helped Colin and Tobias to find new workflows that they look forward to keeping and integrating into their processes even after the office reopens to all staff.

Source: Caktusgroup