202112 May
Recharge Week: mental health and wellbeing at Emakina
General News

You probably agree with us that Mental Health and Wellbeing started to become a trending topic since covid hit us, we’ve been hearing more and more about it and of course, you all know the reasons for it, as it was a tough year for a lot of people worldwide. Below you can have a better outline of the program we’ve prepared: All the sessions were done online and we followed all the government guidelines for it, which made it even more challenging, but pushed us to think further on how to engage everyone! It was not only about having all those sessions in place but also having a full week where Mental Health and well-being were the trending topics inside the company (and in our Slack channels of course!). We’ve started to see the need of having not only loose initiatives about Mental Health and well-being but also to consciously connect that to a bigger strategy related to our employees’ happiness and experience. Maybe in a few months, our opinion will be different, but for now, here are a few insights: • We understood that there is no “one solution fits all” – everyone is different, everyone has different needs and we need to be creative to try to reach most part of our employees • Mental Health and Wellbeing is a broad topic, which means that we need to have different strategies in place.

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