202111 May
95 Percent Effective Against Catastrophic Failure
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If you had a countermeasure that was 95 percent effective at preventing catastrophic failure of your company or business, how long would you wait to implement it? “Let me ask you: if you had a countermeasure that was 95% effective at preventing the catastrophic failure of your business and your company, how long would you wait to implement that? I had the good fortune of finding a pharmacist some years ago who taught me how to relax my shoulders and my arms and get those all loosened up so that when I got an injection it wasn’t so crazy. “Now I had the first dose about three weeks ago and I was woozy for about 10-15 minutes and I was better, and I felt a little lethargy and things like that for a day or two but then I was fine. “Now I’m just asking you: If you had something you knew was 95% effective against catastrophic failure of your body where you’d have to go to the hospital and you might die, would you implement that or would you come up with some excuse not to?

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