202111 May
The Importance of Professional Project Managers
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This opportunity is viewed as an emergency, and the company (or manager) is depending on these individuals to “Give 110 percent”, “Pull out all the stops”, “Do whatever it takes”, etc. To paraphrase an oft-quoted phrase, “A crisis is the instantaneous end of a delusion.” The thing is, attempting to transform a company’s star problem solver into a project manager can be challenging. Technical specialists — the ones putting out the company’s fires while being groomed for a project management role: Seek optimal solutions. While technical specialists are critical to an AV integration firm’s successful operation, they aren’t always the best choice for project management roles. Professional project managers look outside themselves for resources, understand interdependencies and ask probing questions of others (client, design consultant, general contractor, users, technicians, manufacturers, etc.,) to achieve the desired outcome.

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