202129 Apr
6 benefits of introducing a smart assistant to your workplace
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By implementing a two-pronged approach that incorporates both frequent and infrequent apps into your digital workplace assistant, you can reduce the number of applications you need to visit daily by up to 80%. Time wastes at work are unfortunately plentiful: • Not having permission to view something and asking for help • Remembering which application and where within it your data is • Jumping in-between tasks and needing a few moments for our concentration to follow • Forgetting a login and needing to reset the password • Getting distracted by emails, Slack chimes or online meetings • Having to manually process data like email addresses or names through copy-and-paste or exporting/importing CSV files • System update notifications that prompt you to update your computer in the middle of the workday The list goes on, but its clear that there are no easy fixes to generally cut your wasted time in half. Except for the super disciplined among us, we could all benefit from a tool that loops in many of the applications we have to visit in an effort to reduce distractions – less email notifications, less jumping in-between tabs, etc. In part this is due to the employee-centric nature of Ciscos digital workplace, that treats employees like "internal customers" that are deserving of the most fluid and inspiring experience. Related: How IT departments can make the dream of a digital workplace hub a reality Weve covered that a smart assistant can reduce the amount of time employees waste "looking for stuff" by up to 36%.

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