202130 Apr
CR5200 barcode scanner for point of sale and ID scanning
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“The new CR5200 is the perfect barcode reading device for high-traffic, fast-paced environments such as hands-free retail point of sale or event ticketing, admission and access control purposes,” said Jana Buchanan, Senior Product Manager of Hardware for Code Corporation. “The CR5200 has an optional advanced age-verification feature that allows businesses to scan driver licenses and IDs for age verification and to also capture specific consumer information for credit applications, loyalty programs and marketing lists without any additional hardware.” Code’s powerful image-capture technology enables the CR5200 to easily read small, low-contrast and even damaged barcodes on any surface type such as plastic bags, metal and low-light illuminated mobile device screens. This ability, coupled with other items such as user feedback features with LED and audible tones help speed up checkout and admission processes, minimizing lines and improving customer service. To help keep both customers and employees safe, the CR5200 meets Level 2 CodeShield Plastic standards, which means superior protection against harsh cleaning chemicals. It has a CMOS 1.2 Megapixel monochrome sensor, optical resolution of 1280x960 and a 51° horizontal by 39.4° vertical field of view making easy for users to scan and go.

  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Retail
  • ERP & Process Management
  • Transportation, Logistics & Inventory
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