202130 Apr
The dream of the productive virtual office
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Not least since the first set of pandemic-induced lockdowns and work-from-home regimes, the impact of unstable connections and slow reaction times on our ability to work in virtual offices, to handle cloud-based resources with ease, and to participate effectively in video calls has become common knowledge. Corporate IT departments around the world have been searching for ways to keep their colleagues happy while working from home, bring down the number of complaints to their internal support hotlines, and get the bosses off their backs. By increasing the performance and resilience and of their connectivity and by speeding up the reaction times for applications in the cloud, IT teams would be able to effectively reduce the number of operational errors. The engineering-led global infrastructure group HOCHTIEF, with operations in Australia, North America, and Europe, sought and found a way to improve the stability and performance of their Microsoft SaaS applications. The case study on the benefits of the HOCHTIEF migration to the DE-CIX Microsoft Azure Peering Service demonstrates not only that the dream of the productive virtual office is achievable, but also that it can be implemented quickly and easily.

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