202129 Apr
Top 12 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Your New LMS
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You should be aware that your organisation’s expected growth rate, staff size, online training needs and technological advancements all play a fundamental role in LMS scalability. You should also test if the learning management system supports multimedia content, includes reporting and tracking features, is compatible with your technology and provides the security you need. Luckily, many vendors recognise the importance of a cohesive online learning experience and provide a variety of integration options that help you to connect your LMS with other systems. Explore if the LMS has features like gamification, social learning, mobile support, customisation and real-time feedback, which are known as advanced learner engagement strategies. Only then you can focus on the six significant steps that are part of the implementation process: planning, LMS configuration, systems integration, course and data migration, user acceptance testing, and finally, going live.

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