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Are Your Employees Overworked? Consider These Two Options
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You’ve put your heart and soul into your business, worked hard, hired a team of experts and now it’s paying off. With wholesale and distribution companies, corporate growth, higher order volume and an increase in transactions go hand in hand with an increase in administrative work, data entry, and warehouse picking, packing and shipping requirements which often triggers chaos and panic as employees try to re-evaluate their responsibilities and keep up. Often when companies are experiencing growth and the current workforce can’t keep up, there are two major ways to handle the increase in order volume, administrative work and daily tasks: Option 1: Hire someone to help manage the increased workload Option 2: Invest in ERP Software to automate processes and decrease individual employee workload Let’s consider a simple example of a 10-person company, where 2 employees are customer service reps (CSR) who input telephone orders. Make sure the option you choose is in line with any expected growth you have for your business and your strategic long-term goals and plans. Think about your current workforce in combination with your strategic business growth to help decide what is best in the long run.

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