202114 Apr
The augmented reality today: Snapchat, IKEA, Houzz among others
General News

AI for facial recognition radically changes how we interact with the world, including Facebook, Apple, and Google, and most obvious Snapchat with their filters. When you’re driving, for example, AR glasses can display routes, locations, black spots, and your chats, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the wheels. For example, the traditional approach in organizing career fairs involves in-person meetings or, more recently, partial e-conference setups with tools such as Zoom. The fully immersive fair allowed attendees to walk by their favorite stalls and peruse resources effortlessly by pointing their smartphones at a large, flat, outdoor space. An outstanding example is the Ai – R-Cord app developed by Wikitude to help elementary school students learn concepts using augmented reality experiences.

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