202113 Apr
Home-Based Care Is the Solution to the Nation’s Healthcare and Fiscal Crises
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While home-based care saves the United States healthcare system billions of dollars compared to nursing home and hospital care, the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC), an advisory body that makes recommendations to Congress on Medicare provider payment rates, continues to target home health and hospice for reimbursement rate cuts each year. This independent, non-political appointed body has been making recommendations to Congress for more than 20 years to preserve the Medicare trust fund so that its resources will be available for future generations. Home-based care has met the standards set in place with the Triple Aim, is the public preference and is supported with advanced technology to safely perform visits. With COVID-19 noticeably illuminating the benefits of home healthcare, I hope that 2021 will provide the data necessary to finally change MedPAC’s perception on the home-based care sector. Once the commission supports the mission of healthcare in the home, the industry will have fair operating margins to grow and achieve greater cost savings in the long term for our aging nation.

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