202113 Apr
7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Content Marketing Agency
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How can you help us?” Partner: “Can you share a bit more about your business and the audience you’re trying to reach?” You: “We sell a learning management software product and our target customers are HR and product managers in enterprise companies, who are looking to improve their process for educating internal employees and customers.” Partner: “Okay, we just did some looking around and found that you do have opportunities to drive traffic with content and even SEO. Shana Haynie from Hearst Bay Area puts it this way: “Asking for some upfront strategic advice gives the agency an opportunity to show you what they’ve got. Based on their response, you can gauge how devoted they are to getting your business, how well they’ve listened, and how dedicated they are to staying in the loop on industry trends. And that means your content will do more harm than good to your brand — because it’ll end up creating bad impressions of your business in the minds of potential customers. Whether you’re interested in increasing your website traffic or improving your blog strategy, they make it a priority to help you determine the best possible ways to spend your marketing dollars.” 7.

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