202112 Apr
Monitoring Unified Communication quality with PRTG
General News

Whether its Zoom accounts allowing remote colleagues to stay connected, or enterprise scale, “follow the sun” customer contact centers, telephony is still king. In a recent blog post we learned how Telchemy’s SQMediator, a VQM (Voice / Video Quality Monitoring) system, gives network administrators a comprehensive insight into the health and performance of their unified communications platform. SQMediator can provide both top level service overview statistics, as well as performing deep-dive analysis on individual voice or video calls / sessions. SQMediator includes both a powerful SOAP based web services API and a comprehensive reporting engine for extracting performance metrics from the system. It then uses a PRTG Lookup to map the sensor return, to a state indicator, that corresponds to the five standard MOS categories (Bad – Poor – Fair – Good – Excellent).

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