202105 Apr
Don’t Let These ERP Software Misconceptions Fool You
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Introductory software can start at as little as a couple of hundred dollars a year while the cost for a top of the tier ERP system can be in the millions. For SMBs, most implementations will take weeks or months to complete and include employee training, some form of data migration as well as system set-up and configuration. It can be scary when you hear that an ERP implementation that took many years and cost millions of dollars ultimately failed, however, these types of situations apply to very large and complex operations. ERP systems only compliment employees’ jobs by allowing them to spend more time on important tasks and less on menial ones by automating processes, reducing manual work and eliminating errors. However, because ERP streamlines and automates processes, it provides the benefit of reducing the number of people that need to be hired in the future when dealing with company growth.

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