202110 Apr
No-code publishing platform Shorthand raises $8M – TechCrunch
Funding Rounds
202110 Apr

Shorthand, the Australian startup behind a no-code platform that allows publishers and brands to create multimedia stories, has raised $10 million Australian (just under $8 million U.S.) from Fortitude Investment Partners. “We’ve been lucky enough to grow to where we are today through an entirely inbound, organic model that leverages the beautiful content that our customers create in Shorthand to generate leads,” Robinson wrote. For example, BBC News used Shorthand to create this story about searching for dinosaur fossils. Robinson said that unlike other tools like Webflow and Ceros, Shorthand was designed to be used by editors and writers. “You need to provide flexibility without making writers get into the weeds of web design or making them use complicated design tools,” he wrote.

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